About us….

Manuel Rubalcaba has been doing

professional drywall for over 20 years.

During that time, he has gained a

reputation for providing quality services,

quickly, and at reasonable prices. In fact,

he has provided subcontracted services to

over fifty local-area building contractors. As his business grew, more and more customers requested additional services, such as painting, landscaping, tile work and so on.

In order to provide more than one service in the State of Minnesota, one must be a licensed residential contractor. Christian’s Remodeling, LLC is now a licensed residential building contractor. Once he became a general contractor, his business quickly expanded. Although residential and commercial drywall and painting remain the backbone of his business, home remodeling and house flipping are quickly gaining prominence. This is a no-nonsense business. Manuel is a hands-on manager and pays close attention to his jobs in progress. When you want it done, it gets done. If there’s a problem, it gets taken care of immediately.



Remodeling, LLC


Licensed Residential Contractor #BC649652

“We’re ready when you are!”

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